What's New in VARGUS GENiusTM

Version  01 November  2022



1.    Repaired CNC problems

2.    New Bell Type line – External Holders and Inserts

3.    Updated recommended cutting condition for Mach TM        



1.        New TT tool line: Mach TT V-Cap External Holder Line


1.      New module – Tapping


1.      New module - Whirling







Version  15 Februar  2022


1.       Repaired CNC problems



1.       Mach TM tool line: New Solid Tool Line

2.       Grade VH4 : New Carbide



1.       New Thread Standard – HA and HB

2.       Mach TT holder line :New External Holder

3.       Mach TT With Coolant holder  line :New External Holder With Coolant Channels.

4.       Mach TT With Coolant(Swiss) holder  line :New External Holder With Coolant Channels For Swiss Machine

5.       Mach TT insert line :New External Insert

6.    Grade VK8: New Carbide










Version  01 April  2021


1.      Repaired CNC problems


1.      Repaired Multi CNC path for External Conical

2.      TMSD Screw Heads Line: New TMSD Indexable Toolholder Heads.

3. TMDR inch shank for ISO and UN standard

4.  TMDR metric shank for BSPT standard



1.      VG-CUT inserts line – additional inserts

2.      FS insert line – additional inserts

3.      V-CAP holders 1/2" IC

4. ALCS/NLCS Line: New External holder with top and bottom cooling outlets for Swiss machine.


5. VAS Line: New Internal Holder (Smooth System)



Version  04 May  2020


1.      Repaired CNC problems

2.      Changed Nominal Sizes in API standard



1.      Removed wrong pitch in NPS standard


1.      Updated MITM Offset Line



Version  12 September  2019



1.       ALCN Line: New External holder with top and bottom cooling outlets.

2.     VG-Cut Reinforced PHC: New External holder with top and bottom cooling outlets.

3.     VG-Cut Monoblock: New External holders with top and bottom cooling outlets. 



  1. New HC-MultiFlute Line
  2. New CNC option for Multi Radial Passes (Patent Pending).
  3. HCR Line: Additional tools
  4. TMDR Line: Additional tools for Conical thread.
  5. TMDR Line: Additional tools BSP thread.
  6. TMDR Line: Additional ISO tools for Thread length of 2.5xD.
  7. New MITM Offset Line (Patent Pending).
  8. Changed CNC Programs to produce thread diameter with better fit to GO Gauge.



Version  18 March  2019


“Email Summary”  Click adds in the sent E-Mail Body a Link to the software“ Visit VargusGENius”.

Menu Item files converted to html instead pdf – no need of download for display.



1.      Added DD3T Millipro Dental Line

2.       Improved First pass percentage for S2L – Millipro-HD.

3.       Improved TMDR Feed.

4.        CNC issues fixed.



Version  18 December  2018



     1. Added PH Holders T=21

     2. Removed unsuitable Holders for IC 1/2" 6.0TR Internal inserts.

     3. Removed Unsuitable Mini-V solutions

     4. Fixed L1 of V-Cap for Microscope and changed to L3

     5. Updated Y and F dimensions in inserts 5.0KU 

     6. Updated External Holders with Cooling to fit Multi+ type inserts



     1. Heidenhain CNC of chamfer for TMDR tools Repaired.

     2. Updated suitability of inserts to holder TMV32-5

     3. CNC of chamfer for HCC tools Repaired.


Version  9 September  2018



1.       Added HP Line of High Performance Thread Turning Inserts

2.       Added External Holders with Cooling

3.   Added Shrink clamp Sleeves 4,5,6,7,8 mm Diameter on V-Cap family holders .


Version  5 May  2018



1.       Added Imperial Shank TMDR Cool tools for Drill & Thread & Chamfering with Cooling Channel

2.       Added MetricTMDR Cool tools Pitch 2.5mm , for Drill & Thread & Chamfering with Cooling Channel


Version  5 April  2018


   1.      Repaired CNC problems



1.      M+ Updated grade speeds.

2.       Defined M+ 3/8  with V-Cap  family holders.



1.      New Imperial HCN Solid Carbide HeliCool for 3D Thread length with Cutting Length Le = 1.5D

2.       New Imperial Shank TMDR tools for Drill & Thread & Chamfering, no Cooling Channel for Steel

3.       New Imperial Shank TMDR Cool tools for Drill & Thread & Chamfering with Cooling Channel for Stainless Steel

4.   Improved TMDR CNC chamfer program


Version  25 December  2017


1.      UN thread data tables in Menu were improved.

2.      Added Romanian language Translations.



1.    Updated External Mega Line Thread Max. Diameter   according to the catalog.

2.   Added VG-Cut PH Holders Size 25x25xc and 1”x1”.

3.   Updated F-Line Drw. And Pic. For Internal

4.   Updated F-Line data.



1.   Updated TMDR range of applications.

2.   Added CNC for TMF family

3.   Updated applications for 9V


Version  18 September  2017


1.      New Vargus GENius Mobile version in AppStore and GooglePlay


1.      New Improved Mini-L 5LK Line

2.      New Improved Mini-3 6.0K Line

3.      Added MHCR4F – Round Microscope Sleeve Double sided 4Flats

4.    Added MHCR4F – Round Microscope Sleeve Single sided 4Flats

5.    Added MHCS – Cylindrical Microscope Sleeve Shrink clamp

6.      Added Internal D-Line Deep Rake Laydown inserts.

7.   Added Standard UNR ASME B1.1-2003

8.   Added VTX grade to Microscope tools.

9.   Added Microscope TR DIN103 and ISO tools.

10. Added Monoblock Tools T08.

11. Added Insert VG-Cut 2.5 ISO.



1.       New Metric Shank TMDR tools for Drill & Thread & Chamfering, no Cooling Channel for Steel

2.       New Metric Shank TMDR Cool tools for Drill & Thread & Chamfering with Cooling Channel for Stainless Steel

3.      Added new parameter Pre-Drill Hole

4.       New HCN Solid Carbide HeliCool for 3D Thread length with Cutting Length Le = 1.5D

5.       New S1LC Solid Carbide Imperial shank for ACME 2G



Version  11 June  2017


1.      Added in Menu Tools output filter Metric & Imperial.

This option enables simultaneously display of metric and imperial tools at tool selection stage.


1.      Added new VG-Cut External Holders Shank 12X12 ½”X1/2”

2.      Catalog solutions for Coarse thread ACME 3G Appear.

3.      Added Z+ Style inserts Standard APIRD & NPT.

4.      Updated Microscope rake picture.

5.      Added D max parameter output for External VG-Cut Reinforced Monoblock holder (PH type).

6.  Added VG-Cut Insert 11W.



1.       Solid Carbide HD tools now have default Top to Bottom Cutting option to ensure all teeth cut.


Version  9 November  2016



1.      Added new VG-Cut External Holders PH type Metric & Imperial

2.       Tool selection of 5/8 IC API Standard inserts now possible.



1.   Solid Tools now appear in Downloadable version.


Version  11 September  2016



1.      Improved Passes range display


3.   Added Standard Inserts ANPT .

4.       Added Standard ACME Class 2G Standard and Inserts.

5.       Changed Standard ACME name To ACME Class 3G Inserts ACME fit Class 3G.

6.   Added Item Numbers.

7.   Added inserts IC ½” for 5.5 ISO

8.   Added Inserts IC 3/8” for 26 UN

9.   Added V-Cap Left Hand holders.

        10.   Added VTX Grade in Mini-V.



1.   Added Standard APIRD – API STD. 5B:1979

2.   Added TMSD line Full profile inserts For APIRD

3.   Improved Feeds for TM Solid Straight Flute Family.


5.   Added Straight Flute and Helical Flute Solid Carbide Tools for Standard ANPT.

6.   Changed Standard ACME name To ACME Class 3G Inserts ACME fit Class 3G.

7.   Added TM Solid with cooling Chanel HC type with Cutting length 3D Standard ISO.

8.   Added Item Numbers.

9.   Added Millipro and Millipro HD tools for 18 UN

10. Added TM Solid Helical Flutes in Standards Taper 60 and Taper 55.

11. Added Holders Family TM Solid MilliPro EL - D3T Extra Long Tools

12. Added Controller Heidenhain Vertical iTNC530 340 49X-05


Version  25 December  2015

1.        Turkish translations improved



1.   Added Imperial F-Style Line for Improved Stability of threading.


1.   Added Imperial TMSD line Full profile inserts. 

Version  1 October  2015

1.        Danish translations improved

2.        Norwegian translations updated

3.    UNJ & BSW Standard Diameters were added mm translation.


1.   Added Metric TMSD line Full profile inserts.


1.   Added VG-CUT line for threading between shoulders.

2.   Added F-Style Line for Improved Stability of threading.

3.   Microscope Line data updated and added  NPT 14tpi tool.

4.   Microscope Sleeves 4F type ( 4 Flats) were added.

Version  26 March  2015

1.        Updated Standard UNJ from Mil S8879-C to SAE AS8879D – additional Diameter-Pitch Combinations.

2.         Updated Standard BSP to fit also DIN 259

3.         Updated Standard BSPT with combinations to fit DIN 259


1.        Added CNC option of Continuous Conical Helix. 

      2.    Added Solid HeliCool NPS tools (Metric & Imperial).

      3.    Added Solid HeliCool UNJ tools (Metric & Imperial).

      4.    Updated HeliCool line tools effective cutting length.

      5.    Added MilliPro tools 32UN with D2=3.8mm 2D & 3D (Metric & Imperial).



1.      Updated Speeds table.

2.       Updated Passes table.


Version  20 January  2015

1.        New Setup.exe Version that provides solution for customer with no Internet.

Download from  www.vargus.com to disk on Key, open ZIP folder, click on Setup.exe to install.


1.        Added in MENU Heli-Coil Metric and Imperial Data tables.

2.         Added reminder note in pop-up window of time:



1.      Oil & Gas Holders Family solutions for 3TPI H90 Changed to ”U Style for H90”.


Version  3 November 2014


      1.    Desktop Version can be used from CAM software “SOLIDCAM 2014” SP3 HF2

2.      Added insert 7VIVN60TM3 .


Version  16 September 2014


1.      Oil & Gas Added Metric Holders solutions.


Version  20 May 2014


1.      Added new Holders Family V-CAP with Polygon shaped shank according to ISO26623.


2.       Millipro HD line - Exchanged D2L type with S2L type tools.


Version  1 May 2014


1. Added grade VRX  for IC 1/4” & 3/8” Standard Laydown inserts with Regular rake.


Version  31 March 2014


1. Added Oil & Gas Holders

2. 14D Oil & Gas Improved New Anvils

3. Oil & Gas Added New Grade VTXP & VKXP

4. Added new Standard NEWVAM

5. Oil & Gas Added New type inserts On Edge TNEC, SquareCNGA,Chaser 1616

    (use with existing Holders on the market)   

6. Added Inserts for API V-0.065

7. Added Column of API Spec. 5CT in Material Summary file found in Menu


Version  16 Sep. 2013

1. One Software for TMGen and TTGen

2. Web Version and Desktop Version available

3. Click once Update

4. Added in Menu links to all existing catalogs in all languages in Vargus Web Site

5. Added Turkish language.



Upgraded Features in VARGUSGENius  from TMGen 1206 downloadable

1. Summary HTML output for TMGen with pictures

2. Materials list divided to Groups PKNSH

3. Added Machining pictures

4. Added optional explanation notes to pictures

5. Added Climb/Conventional Pictures for LH Cutting Tools in addition to RH Cutting Tools

6. Added ABUT American Butress standard.

7. Add TMSD solutions for ABUT.

8. CNC Top Down Feature for Parallel threads

9. Added MITM19

10. Added TMSD Vertical line 7V 9V 11V

11. Added New MITM Inserts & holders


Upgraded Features in VARGUSGENius  from TTGen 507 downloadable

1. Added Inserts size IC5.0 Line.

2. Added New Mega-Line tools.

3. Added Holders Filter by Shank D or H

4. Added Inserts filter by IC

5. Added Insert Filter by Sintered Chip Breaker type.