Use of Mazatrol MB Controler
By combined programming of Mazatrol & ISO Thread Milling CNC Program
1.Helical moves can be defined in ISO only on this controllers.
For this reason the solutions require knowledge of ISO programming.

2.Here is one option of Step By Step ISO programming on above Mazatrol controllers .

a. Definition of ISO subprogram

1) Define ISO program by TMGEN program from TM disk .

2.Define Work Number on Controller to contain this ISO program (for example 10) and send program from PC to Controler

b.Definition of Main Mazatrol program

1. Define material unit
2. Define ADD WPC unit . Press PROGRAM Press Work No. Go to unit after Material definition .Press PROGRAM EDIT Press INSERT press WPC press ARROW RIGHT to get list of zero coordinate system names ,press G57 .

2. Define Tool unit

3. Define Manual program unit -
Write 65 Under G1 then program number P 10 (10 - work number of ISO part)

c. Definition of Tool in TOOL FILE in Mazatrol

1. Define Tool number with a letter For Example : 17G . Define All Data .

d. Definition of TOOL DATA in Mazatrol

1. Press TOOL OFSET then Enter in TOOL DATA information .

e. Definition of TOOL OFFSET in ISO tables

1. After pressing TOOL OFFSET on menu containing TOOL DATA Press TOOL DATA then EIA/ISO table for offsets is displayed.

2.Input data in offset 10 for Tool length compensation and offset 60 for Tool radius compensation (as defined in ISO program )

f.Definition of WORK OFFSET DATA in G57

1.Press TOOL OFFSET press WORK OFFSET . then write main values
Define X Y Z for coordinates values of G57 work zero point in machine coordinate
system (location of this point relative to work is in center of workpiece thread circle on top)

g. Check Tool Path